Poetry Corner: Dreamscapes


Photo by Debbie Strange

Photo by Debbie Strange

– 12/0518

Hosted by Kathabela Wilson


I thought
you might be lost

take my hand,
we will backward
until we become stars

~Debbie Strange
A Cherita Lighthouse Award, The Cherita, June 2017

‘The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night’ (Jung).

Debbie says: ‘The images in this corner explore the subtle and flamboyant nuances of light, reflection and refraction. The subjects of these photographs are mundane objects (fabric, jewellery, glasswork), but they are transformed into dreamscapes by employing various methods of lighting (natural, neon, candle) and using the techniques of illusion and diffusion. None of the work has been digitally manipulated in any way.’

Isn’t that the way dreams work, shedding light on our everyday experiences, we are led magically into more questioning, transformations and resolutions?

~ Kathabela


Photo by Debbie Strange

Photo by Debbie Strange

Deborah P Kolodji

when I think of it
home planet


Christina Sng

childhood home
in every shadow
I see monsters

every morning
dragons adrift
in the clouds

in my hands
millions of micro universes
seaside sand


Photo by Debbie Strange

Photo by Debbie Strange

Janice S. Garey

balancing on tightropes
between utopia and dystopia
meringue in the sky or
steaming gulping fumerole
we all want the same
peaceful reality


Pat Geyer

forms in the mist
as if otherworldly…
in the dawn light
i watch the river
take on new life


Roy Kindleberger

morning quiet surrounds
dew glistens
trees mirror the lake
deer tentatively appear


Photo by Debbie Strange

Photo by Debbie Strange

Anne Engelen

inspired by Northern lights
our illusive world
depicts a perfect picture


Dreamscape: Quotes and Credits

Deborah P Kolodji, Temple City, CA: “I love speculative literature because it helps us look closely at our world through the lens of another. The beauty of a dreamscape is that our dream mind’s imagination can act like a science fiction writer and accomplish the same.”

Christina Sng, Singapore: “Dreaming is magical. While we sleep, we conjure possibilities out of impossibilities, the extraordinary out of the ordinary, and we show ourselves how we can be more than we are.”

Janice S. Garey, Decatur, GA: “We dream of the ultimate, elusive peace on the world level. Each person can search and be open to finding true peace. It is available to those who will open the door to reception. Peace will not enter when hearts are filled and overflowing with anger, hate, and pride.”

Pat Geyer, East Brunswick, NJ: “Often, when I go to the lake, it seems ghostly; of a world other than the actual world. So beautiful and so exciting.”

Roy Kindleberger
, Edmonds, WA: “I was at sixth grade camp in October. I walked outside, alone, before the children awoke. I got a view of the morning light over the lake.”

Anne Engelen, Stevoort, Belgium: “Seeing The Northern Lights is on top of my bucket list. So far I only saw them on TV or in pictures. The colors in Debby’s picture made me think of what I imagine the Northern Lights would look like, hence the illusive world. I am hopeful that I can make this a dream come true.”


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